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How to get SimPholders?


Requirements: macOS Mojave or Catalina installed Xcode 10 or later.

Trial with no restrictions will work for 10 days.


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Access all applications from your menu bar

  • Quick access to the three recently modified apps in the menu
  • Supports iOS, watchOS, and tvOS simulators


  • Launch in simulator (⌘ + Click)
  • Copy sandbox path and show detailed information of file size and number of items (⇧ + Click)
  • Show App Groups container (⌘ + ⌥ + Click)
  • Quickly reset storage by deleting files in Library and Documents (⌥ + Click)
  • Uninstall from Simulator (⌃ + Click)


  • Launch (⌘ + Click)
  • Add photos via drag-and-drop or file selection (⌥ + Click)
  • Reset content and settings (⌃ + Click)

With FUSE for macOS

When you install FUSE ( SimPholders mounts a virtual file system where you can browse your simulators and apps like it should have been implemented by Apple™. When you select an app you can see the app bundle, sandbox, and app group containers at a glance. When you enable SimPhinder (our Finder Sync Extension) there is even some functionality in the context menus where you can perform all of SimPholders's actions.

We support FUSE for macOS 3.8.2 or later. FUSE is Open Source and free.

NOTE: FUSE does not work on macOS Catalina at the moment.


Mount the downloaded DMG by double clicking it. Drop the SimPholders icon onto the Applications icon. Done!


Menu Reveal SimPhinder Volume Menu WatchOS



NOTE: This version of SimPholders requires macOS Mojave (10.14) or later.

  • Compatibility with macOS Catalina and Xcode 11
  • Better Dark Mode support
  • Bugfixes

Added compatibility for Xcode 10.2 beta 1.


Fixes a bug which caused the display of a misleading error message in case you don't have apps installed in one of the currently selected Xcode's simulators.

  • Fixes many bugs and crashes.
  • Adds internal preparations for an upcoming update.


  • Deleting a file on the SimPholders volume now moves it into the trash
  • See system.log per device directly in the Finder


  • Improves speed of file operations in SimPhuse
  • Fixes calculation of an app's size


  • It's Xcode beta 4 already and we made sure that SimPholders works with your shiny new Xcode
  • Disabling your license is now possible in the license preference tab
  • Upgrading from SimPholders Nano with a special price is now available
  • Updates Sparkle to its latest version. We were not affected by the reported exploit but it's always safe to use the most recent version


  • Fixes a crash when resettings contents and settings of a device
  • Removes some possible crashes
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements


  • SimPhuse volume supports creating/editing of files in the app sandbox / app group folders (resolves the Finder -36 problem)
  • New SimPhuse settings pane with some explanations how it works
  • Direct activation of FinderSync Extension in Preferences
  • Copy the sandbox path to your pasteboard (⇧ + Click)


  • Brings back app group containers in file system
  • Displays tvOS icons
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements


  • Missing Xcode versions when the path contains a whitespace
  • Never updating simulators and just showing "Waiting for Simulators ..."
  • Disfunctional launch at login option

BEWARE After updating to this version you can try out SimPholders for 10 days before you can buy it.

New Features

  • Compatibility with OS X El Capitan and Xcode 7
  • Great performance boost
  • Support for watchOS 2 apps
  • Support for tvOS apps
  • Support for App Groups
  • Select another Xcode version right from the SimPholders preferences window.
  • Add photos via drag-and-drop or file selection

Features with installed FUSE for OS X:

  • Virtual file system for browsing your simulators and apps more naturally.
  • Finder integration for context menus and badges for launched devices (needs to be enabled in System Preferences)


  • Displays 3 recently changed Apps
  • Setting for Start at Login
  • Icon rendering for iOS 6 and earlier and iOS7


  • iOS 7 Support
  • Mavericks Support


  • Wrong action when holding down multiple modifier keys

New Features in this Version

  • Support for 10.7 (Lion)
  • Growl for 10.7
  • Show NSLog() of launched apps in panel


  • Updating of menu items when changing versions, app name, bundle identifier, or icon
  • Possible crashes on generating menu
  • Crash on start when no iOS-SDK is installed

New Features in this Version

  • Direct launching of apps in Simulator
  • Updates via Sparkle


  • Preventing an error when generating menu
  • Fixed some issues when updating menu item texts