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Running Sierra or Xcode 8?

Use SimPholders 3.0

When having troubles like "Waiting for Simulators"™ this version delivers the fix – and a lot of new great things.
Try our Release Candidate!

How to get SimPholders?


Requirements: OS X Yosemite or El Capitan installed Xcode 6 or later.

Trial with no restrictions will work for 10 days.


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Access all applications from your menu bar

  • Quick access to the three recently modified apps in the menu
  • Supports iOS, watchOS, and tvOS simulators


  • Launch in simulator (⌘ + Click)
  • Copy sandbox path and show detailed information of file size and number of items (⇧ + Click)
  • Show App Groups container (⌘ + ⌥ + Click)
  • Quickly reset storage by deleting files in Library and Documents (⌥ + Click)
  • Uninstall from Simulator (⌃ + Click)


  • Launch (⌘ + Click)
  • Add photos via drag-and-drop or file selection (⌥ + Click)
  • Reset content and settings (⌃ + Click)

With FUSE for OS X

When you install FUSE ( SimPholders mounts a virtual file system where you can browse your simulators and apps like it should have been implemented by Apple™. When you select an app you can see the app bundle, sandbox, and app group containers at a glance. When you enable the Finder Sync Extension there is even some functionallity in the context menus where you can perform all of SimPholders's actions.

We support FUSE for OS X 2.7.5 or later. FUSE is Open Source and free.


Mount the downloaded DMG by double clicking it. Drop the SimPholders icon onto the Applications icon. Done!


Menu Reveal SimPhinder Volume Menu WatchOS




  • Deleting a file on the SimPholders volume now moves it into the trash
  • See system.log per device directly in the Finder


  • Improves speed of file operations in SimPhuse
  • Fixes calculation of an app's size


  • It's Xcode beta 4 already and we made sure that SimPholders works with your shiny new Xcode
  • Disabling your license is now possible in the license preference tab
  • Upgrading from SimPholders Nano with a special price is now available
  • Updates Sparkle to its latest version. We were not affected by the reported exploit but it's always safe to use the most recent version


  • Fixes a crash when resettings contents and settings of a device
  • Removes some possible crashes
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements


  • SimPhuse volume supports creating/editing of files in the app sandbox / app group folders (resolves the Finder -36 problem)
  • New SimPhuse settings pane with some explanations how it works
  • Direct activation of FinderSync Extension in Preferences
  • Copy the sandbox path to your pasteboard (⇧ + Click)


  • Brings back app group containers in file system
  • Displays tvOS icons
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements


  • Missing Xcode versions when the path contains a whitespace
  • Never updating simulators and just showing "Waiting for Simulators ..."
  • Disfunctional launch at login option

BEWARE After updating to this version you can try out SimPholders for 10 days before you can buy it.

New Features

  • Compatibility with OS X El Capitan and Xcode 7
  • Great performance boost
  • Support for watchOS 2 apps
  • Support for tvOS apps
  • Support for App Groups
  • Select another Xcode version right from the SimPholders preferences window.
  • Add photos via drag-and-drop or file selection

Features with installed FUSE for OS X:

  • Virtual file system for browsing your simulators and apps more naturally.
  • Finder integration for context menus and badges for launched devices (needs to be enabled in System Preferences)


  • Displays 3 recently changed Apps
  • Setting for Start at Login
  • Icon rendering for iOS 6 and earlier and iOS7


  • iOS 7 Support
  • Mavericks Support


  • Wrong action when holding down multiple modifier keys

New Features in this Version

  • Support for 10.7 (Lion)
  • Growl for 10.7
  • Show NSLog() of launched apps in panel


  • Updating of menu items when changing versions, app name, bundle identifier, or icon
  • Possible crashes on generating menu
  • Crash on start when no iOS-SDK is installed

New Features in this Version

  • Direct launching of apps in Simulator
  • Updates via Sparkle


  • Preventing an error when generating menu
  • Fixed some issues when updating menu item texts