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SimPholders 1.5

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A small utility for fast access to your iPhone Simulator apps. Opens folder in Finder, resets library and documents, and deletes the selected app.

  • Access all application folders from status item menu
  • Launch app directly in iPhone Simulator and see NSLogs (⌘ + Click)
  • Quickly reset app storage by deleting files in Library and Documents (⌃ + Click)
  • Delete app completely (⌥ + Click)
  • Detailed information of file size and number of items in app bundle (⇧)

  • Three recently changed apps available on top level
  • App icon is rendered like defined in your Info.plist for iOS 6 and earlier and iOS 7
  • Name gets displayed localized
  • Version and build number are included
  • File size of app bundle
  • Notification Center integration
  • Autostart on Login
Release Notes
Version 1.5.0

Thanks for your patience - Finally we have an up-to-date release. If you find SimPholders useful then consider a donation to support ongoing development.

  • Displays 3 recently changed Apps
  • Setting for Start at Login
  • Icon rendering for iOS 6 and earlier and iOS7
  • iOS 7 Support
  • Mavericks Support
  • Wrong action when holding down multiple modifier keys
Version 1.2.0
New Features in this Version
  • Support for 10.7 (Lion)
  • Growl for 10.7
  • Show NSLog() of launched apps in panel
  • Updating of menu items when changing versions, app name, bundle identifier, or icon
  • Possible crashes on generating menu
  • Crash on start when no iOS-SDK is installed
Version 1.1.0
New Features in this Version
  • Direct launching of apps in Simulator
  • Updates via Sparkle
  • Preventing an error when generating menu
  • Fixed some issues when updatig menu item texts
Rico Becker
Gunnar Herzog
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